Age to Age (A2A)

This ministry is to the aging. We will strive to develop a network of alliance partners who have similar goals and philosophies to that of Age to Age. We welcome all participation and will be glad to talk with you about other ways to be involved as well.

Pray for  this ministry. Help us find financial support. We look forward to what God will do through this combined effort of all of us.

What is Age to Age seeking to accomplish?

This ministry called Age to Age (A2A) seeks to partner with individuals, organizations and businesses to connect the generations from young to old.

• The mission of A2A is to be an advocate for aging and providing resources to everyone concerned with living and finishing well.
• Our slogan: Honoring the past; inspiring the future.

A2A is a ministry involving adults who want to be free to do more with their lives and give back to others.

One area of service is to the individual (or family) who wants help with (a) closure from the past, (b) dealing with challenges now, (c) planning the future.

Another area of service will be designed for churches who want to start, (or enhance), a ministry to this middle age & beyond adult group. We recognize that middle age and older persons represent a creative resource bank available to the church and the opportunity to involve them in discipleship and service to the community as persons of insight and wisdom.

The vision must be cast to inspire people to take action to create ministries for, with and by middle age & beyond (MAB) adults. Baby Boomers, of which the oldest have already begun turning 65 and the next older generation, the Builder generation, want and need to do more with their lives; to give back and to finish well. In a general sense, the church is not encouraging or providing this opportunity. Most of the resources and leadership efforts are focused on children, youth and young families.

We will work with individuals and church leadership to create a comprehensive ministry plan to meet the needs of aging adults which will provide focus, direction, coordination and an inclusive strategy for all adults that is right for their church structure and resources. This would include not only ministry to one another between the church members, but also to the larger outreach mission of the church including reaching the unchurched.

What is middle age?

This is a hard one to nail down, but for the sake of putting a stake in the ground to begin, it will be 50 yrs. +, while recognizing that the 40+ adults will be included as they relate to the Adult child as caregiver and inter-generational issues more than the 4th quarter of life issues.

Insight and commitment is needed to create dynamic new methods of effective discipleship and service within all ages in the church, but most especially to the 50+ age adults. Strengthening this segment will be a catalyst for explosive inter-generational connections to follow.

What can the church do?

A lot!  Click here to find out more.

Join in with us; and tell others too!