A New Name

RingsI changed her name today. Finally. It’s been official for several weeks.

She’s been on my mind about her travels, her return to the USA and settling into her new home.

The transition in her has been gradual, consistent, and wonderful to watch. She has had the same name for 22 + years so changing it was something that didn’t come automatic for me.

Yesterday I told Siri to call Emily Branson. The name appeared on the screen of my phone, the number was dialed and began to ring. Then I remembered — that wasn’t her anymore. Emotion stirred in me for a moment as I waited for her to answer; it was like time flashed through all the years with her in my mind.

“Hello Dad!” What sweet words to hear.

I think I choked out a “Hi, honey”. I do remember confessing immediately to her that I had not changed her name in my phone yet. Her familiar giggle warmed me inside.

After our brief call I set my phone down. I was busy, but not enough to have taken a couple of seconds to go into my Contacts and make a change. But I wanted to wait one more day.

The ceremony was finished, I had placed her hand in the hand of Josh Smallbone. I joined my wife and his parents in a prayer of blessing over them. I wrote them a letter and gave it to Josh in a Baton to symbolize the hand off of my protection of her to him.Parent's prayerThrough the Doors

Yet, my phone still held her close from the past. I reflected with it about her. It shared the emails, texts and photos of Emily Branson. Sweet memories; thank you phone.

This morning my phone and I released her to be the new person she will become and I am so happy for the expansion of my relationships, not the end. I gained a son, I didn’t loose a daughter. They both gained a great spouse.

Life transitions are constantly happening to us. If you are a follower of Christ reading this, I urge you to think of the change you are going through as His Bride.

Revelation 2:17 tells us “…and to each one who is victorious I will give a new name engraved on a White Stone.”

I believe that Josh and Emily will have many joys and will be victorious over the challenges in their marriage until physical death parts them. I hope and pray that your relationship in your marriage to Christ will do the same.

How wonderful the day when Jesus says, “I changed his/her name today”. Then you hear the Father call you by it and you say, “Hello Dad!”