A Pun? Let me sleep on it.

My wife Rona and I try to take a walk around the neighborhood several afternoons a week, ok, maybe a month.  It is great when we do. Talking, laughing; sometimes planning or analyzing; most of the time observing things and people we come across.  Also, we get some exercise.

This past week, as high school graduation day looms near, we noticed the many “_________ is a Senior at _________ high school” signs that dotted the yards.  I thought of the transitions that were happening in each household. The excitement, stress, expense, and anticipation of the future all wrapped up in this season.

We stopped to talk with a woman about her lush, green grass.  “How do you grow that so well?” As we concluded our chat and stepped onward, “The Mattress”, I call it, was right there by the curb.The Mattress - close up

The trash pickup was scheduled for the next day, so it made sense to put out objects by the curb for the collectors. Nearly every house had a trashcan rolled out. Some also had the special “Recycle” bags out. A few had other unwanted items; crates, worn garden hoses on carts, limbs, branches, etc. But a mattress tossed onto the curb?  Very unusual in this neighborhood.

As we mused at it, the neighbor with the nice lawn gave a small cry of horror. The thing was almost beside her trash to be picked up. Probably not the image she wanted to be associated with her very groomed property! The words sprayed painted on it was the most striking to me.  Probably an act of local high schoolers having fun.

We went on our way, but the image stayed with me.  For one, because I took out my phone and snapped a shot of it.  Two, because I tend to think too deep about stuff.

The spelling was correct. Check for educating our youth. The spacing of the wording was good. No letters crowded, center justified. Maybe someone with graphic layout experience. All block letters. Must be from someone who never mastered the outdated cursive writing style of years past. I don’t think it is even taught in most schools now-a-days.

Was it a clever punster, or a statement of the times? Is this a “nothing really” mattress; one of inferior sleeping quality? Or does nothing really matter to the author of the bedding graffiti? Or, my hope is that it is a pun.  Carefully, joyfully placed on an usual canvas for the surprise and palm-to-forehead response that a really bad/good pun will produce.