We are Together!

…We build and repair relationships.

Build – If you want to build relationships with other people we will help you. Any individual or group of people. For example;  if you want to make new friends, work on a budding romance, prepare for a marriage, enrich your marriage, connect with your children or your parents, grow closer to your siblings or extended family, sync up with your agent, employer or co-workers, coordinate with your band or team members, bond tighter with your church ministry or small group etc, we have ways to help you.

Repair – Strained, broken, even severed relationships can be repaired.Your healing from the hurt and damage from the conflict and your ability to move forward in healthy ways is possible whether the relationship is reconciled is or not.

…We help you know yourself and how you interact with others.

Start with You – We don’t have to start with you, but it is a good place to start. If not, it will eventually come back to you understanding all you can about yourself to best equip you for responding to conflict and handling life’s opportunities as they come your way.

Others – So what about other people? Are they annoying, controlling, unappreciative, judgmental, mean, angry, (fill in your own descriptive adjective)? Ok, so we will help you with your behavior. You will be able to control you regardless of how others act.

There is no one answer solution with our conflict resolution. There is a process however that does work, and fast! First, we listen to you and your needs carefully, design a specific step by step program to help you, your team, or entire organization. We provide a plan to prevent, or work through, the particular conflict or crisis.


We provide preventative education and training to proactively prevent conflict before it becomes a crisis. Unfortunately most people have never had training in healthy conflict resolution. They default to what they observed in their families and their natural personality tendencies. With basic techniques and communication tools, anyone can take control of this area of his/her life, family or organization.


We provide training and communication exercises to help individuals, couples, families, businesses, organizations and churches not only to resolve disputes but to develop an honest, genuine and caring team that appreciates their differences and works together effectively.

Most conflicts can be worked out at this stage.


Sometimes one on one or small group sessions are called for to work through a specific or ongoing conflict. Keith is a trained mediator with over 2,500 hours of experience helping people find resolution with a mutual, durable agreement.

  • Individuals:

Need help sorting out an ongoing conflict? Sit down with objective yet caring advocate and receive fresh views & tools you can put to work instantly whether personal, business related or family relationships

  • Couple(s):

With combined experience of 30+ years of working with marriages and couples, Keith and Rona can help you get to the core issues, develop effective communication skills and find resolution to long-standing conflicts in your marriage.

Keith provides premarital counseling that can prevent conflict for years to come. Resolve problem areas before they become a problem.

  • Family:

When a family is at an impasse, we can meet with them and in just a few sessions — empowering family members to communicate at a deeper level and deal with core issues, many families are set free to support and love each other in more effective ways.

Rona’s undergraduate work in Family Studies and years of working with families in the school setting has uniquely equipped her to get to the heart of the issue(s) and get your family back on track.

  • Workplace:

Whether you need a 2 hour session or a two-day workshop or retreat, we can empower your employees and your team to appreciate the uniqueness that each member brings to the team and to work together in a more effective manner.

Happy coworkers make a happy, efficient and effective team. Office politics, gossip and negative culture can undermine a great business. Whether you are being proactive to prevent problems or need more of an intervention approach, we can meet your need!

Keith and Rona’s experience in multiple organizations uniquely prepares them to help your organization maximize communication and team work for efficiency and excellence.

Options for sessions:

  • Maximizing your team’s differences
  • Making your company’s Vision a reality
  • Office Politics and Efficiency
  • Optimizing outcomes by enhancing team relationships
  • Using Healthy Conflict for Excellence in your organization
  • Racial/Cultural reconciliation and understanding
  • Hot, Warm & Cold: Dealing with Cultural differences in the work place
  • Mediation: (one on one or small groups as needed)
  • And more


Church Offerings to ministry leaders:

* All ministry training and sessions are based in authenticity and vulnerability before Christ and one another for effective ministry in the context of true and loving relationships.

Building authentic relationships on your team– must be modeled from the top down. How is your staff doing in being real and honest in relationships, both confronting and supporting one another?

  • Understanding your team, the power of true team work. Learning to value each person’s unique gifting, personality, passions and story. Giving people freedom to be real, to fail, and therefore succeed (Discovery Session with each team member (Genogram org chart w/ relationships), MBTI & follow-up sessions, with discovery sessions on staff culture and session addressing problems/concerns, re-envisioning the team & Mission)
  • Personal care for and with your staff for healing & wholeness, longevity, productivity and authentic ministry (HOPE timeline session, green/red apples)
  • Healthy Conflict Management for healthy relationships. Eliminate gossip, office politics, and miscommunication. (Conflict resolution training & communication games, proactive mediation sessions)

Building an Authentic Marriage Ministry –  How can the church start making a true difference in the American landscape in marriage?

  • We’ll help you set up a foundation for effective marriage ministry (identify leaders, discipleship/mentor model)
  • Learn how to help people with the root problems in marriage, not just a band-aid  (questions to ask, getting past defenses, Hurt & Happy time-line and/or Genogram mapping)
  • Christian marriages should stand out as more solid than the world and it must start in the church
  • Help your body serve one another as priests and servants and take the burden of crisis marriages off your already overburdened staff

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