Marriage Preparation

Pre-Marital Counseling

Before you say, “I Do”, say, “I’m Ready”.

(5) Five Sessions covering (7) seven essential areas of marriage.

Private, confidential settings to prepare for your future.  In person or remote to match your need.

Before the vows are said and the commitment made, this preparation gives you a solid foundation to build a long, lasting marriage. – Keith Branson

1. Personal History & Great Expectations


2. Relationship Dynamics and Communication

  • Strength & Growth Areas
  • Creating a Wish List
  • Daily Dialogue & Daily Compliments
  • Practice Assertiveness & Active Listening
  • Authentic Communication: Avoiding the Post-Wedding Letdown

3. Personal Stress Profile

  • Identifying Most Critical Issues
  • Balancing Your Priorities
  • Wedding Stress

4. Conflict Resolution & Relationship Dynamics

  • Ten Steps for Conflict Resolution
  • How to Take a Time-Out
  • Seeking & Granting Forgiveness
  • Practice 10 Steps for Conflict Resolution with a current issue

5. Financial Management

  • The Challenge of Money
  • Importance of Financial Goals
  • Budget Worksheet
  • The Meaning of Money

6. Roles and responsibilities – Moving Beyond Cultural Stereotypes


7. Intimacy: Sexual Communication in Marriage