Feedback on Keith…


“I am extremely grateful for my time of counsel with Keith. His insights have given me tools to conflict management that have helped me not only in my marriage but in my other relationships as well. Keith and Rona helped open my eyes to healthy and unhealthy behavior and helped to set me on the path to healing.” ~ L.C.


“I have heard of an anointed teachers, and anointed counselors, but never an anointed coach. Keith has mastered these materials and he is able to blend into it some life experiences to make it relateable and personal. With his knowledge, he is able to make things connect to help me see things in my life in a clearer way.  Thanks Coach.” ~ Anthony Pickett


“Keith and I take time to talk about personal issues (family, personal time spent with God, challenges and victories in these areas.) Keith is always available to me to discuss these things and welcomes the opportunity. He tunes into me and the needs I am discussing. Keith asks open-ended questions and pushes me to explore solutions for the challenges I encounter. For instance, in a recent coaching session he was encouraging me to follow-up with a potential mentor and asked me specific questions as to how I would go about doing that (what questions would I ask, what was the desired outcome, by what date would it be accomplished). Keith is good about helping me set timelines. Specifically, he asks me if I think they are realistic and how they will be achieved. The major key outcomes that I desired going into this new coaching relationship were organization and leadership development. Keith has held me accountable to both of these in our coaching sessions with conversations designed to quickly decipher progress. These have helped to encourage me in my successes and challenge me in the areas that need improvement. Consistent accountability and encouragement has been the most helpful aspects of our coaching relationship. This experience has forced me to become more intentional with every aspect of my ministry – from the first ideas to seeing them through completion.” ~ JR, Youth Minister


“Keith has been very faithful to keep up with appointments! There has been quite a bit going on in my life lately and Keith has been very patient in our discussions. He is always inquiring about all aspects of my life, family, work, ministry and so forth. In the Men’s group I am leading, we have had some complex issues that require a significant amount of detail to explain. I’ve gone through these explanations and Keith has provided sound direction. Keith’s style is similar to the Socratic method of teaching. Instead of giving answers, he does a great job at asking the right questions that lead to answers. Through our relationship he has learned about the different aspects of my life and is able to ask questions that uncover issues. I have had a number of ideas and thoughts that Keith has helped me through by challenging my plan (in a positive way) and putting a timeline for execution. When I share an accomplishment with Keith, it is clear in his voice that he shares in the excitement. He is always very positive and uplifting. It has been very helpful to have a trusted 3rd party to share issues that are being faced. I know that I am receiving godly counsel and know that when I ask for prayer in certain areas, Keith will follow through. Through his questions, he has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to spend more time thinking and reminds me that even the smallest of objectives should be planned and executed WITH God’s counsel.” ~ DB, Men Ministry Leader


“Several months ago I needed a mediator between a business colleague and client of mine. What was at stake? $20,000 of company investment and an embarrassing week empty-handed in China among my Chinese partners! Two days before leaving for Chicago, Keith sat down with my client and me and convinced him to follow through on the trip. Talk about saving face… thanks, Keith!”  ~ Robbie Grayson, TRAITMARKER Founder/CEO


“Keith Branson has demonstrated true leadership as Mediator in the Body of Christ, bringing authenticity, sincerity, and hope to those he mentors and instructs. He also has the rare ability to ‘father’ those whom God entrusts to him. I personally have benefited from Keith’s mediation skills, as he has played a key role for me on my ‘Servants Table’ – helping to navigate and clearly direct a path that benefits all parties involved in the mediation process. I have found no one more caring, as well as professional, when it comes to Keith Branson and his skills as Mediator, Leader, and Father.” ~ JP, musician


“Going through the conflict management and prevention course before our wedding day helped us bring up important questions, ideas and situations that would no doubt be a part of our marriage one day. Keith led us through our discussions and encouraged open communication. I feel the pre-marital course was very important and helpful to us as we took our first steps into our marriage and even now, three years into it, as we continue to tackle issues head on.” ~ DF, writer and mom!


“My husband and I went through pre-marital counseling with Keith, and it was an incredible learning experience! David and I had been friends for quite some time, and though we loved each other and knew we wanted to get married, we learned invaluable lessons during our sessions! We learned to communicate during difficult times, we learned tips and tricks for listening and understanding each other’s differences, and we gained a better understanding of each other’s’ habits and downfalls. All the knowledge we gained about each other, about the Lord’s will for our marriage, and about our roles as spouses have helped us work through the hardest and happiest of times as newlyweds! I highly recommend working with Keith before diving into marriage, as it will give you a fresh perspective and a wonderful base of information to help you love each other better!” – Anna Johnson; musician