Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of problems do you help with?

There is a list of services you can see by clicking here.  Before you go there; (or if you just returned from there), know that the work I do with you builds a solid foundation essential helping deal with the specific issue(s) that are presenting a problem.

You sometimes are lighthearted about such complex, painful and stressful topics; will you take my situation serious?

Absolutely! If you think that we are not serious enough to be taken serious, then seriously consider this; we are very serious about helping you. We are dedicated to helping prevent and resolve conflicts. We work for reconciliation wherever possible. We also want to help you find a smile again too. Laughter is good medicine and we take it everyday. There is a time to weep and a time to laugh. It is fine to do both with us.

Is your work faith-based?

Yes. Our work is based on religious beliefs, specifically Christian beliefs. While we ask that you not expect us to change what we believe to work with you, we will likewise not expect you to be Christian in your beliefs in order for us to help you. We will accept you and will show you respect, where you are right now.