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Q & A:

Let’s start with your credentials. What is important to know about you, your skills and accomplishments?

I have been married to Rona Branson for over 29 years and have three children and one granddaughter.

I have a Master’s Degree in Conflict Management with over 30 years experience working with non-profit organizations, churches and for-profit businesses. I have been a Tennessee Rule 31 qualified mediator, and trained Life Coach.

We are Together!

My wife and I have been in marriage & family ministry for over 18 years, PREPARE/ENRICH Counselors for pre-marital & marriage counseling, Precepts Leaders and Qualified MBTI administrators.

What do you do for people?

I assist people  in their life transitions; helping them to access their situation, identify obstacles preventing them from achieving their goals, and discover resources to help them move forward to ultimately finish well.

In areas of conflict I help analyze, address and manage conflict effectively and professionally while fostering relationships and successfully moving parties to agreement. I do that in many different ways depending on the circumstance and the desired results of my client(s).

Think of me in three different roles, depending on what you need at the time:

(1) Conflict Resolution – Any situation ranging from a break down in communication to crisis situations where intervention is required.  I get a call and respond immediately. When possible I go to the location of the conflict to help. If not, I use phone or video conference options.

(2) Education – Serving as Instructor or Guide to give training and coaching to people on how to prevent conflict, stop it from escalating and to manage their conflicts when they occur.

(3) Process Design – Build processes of interaction that will help set healthy habits from agreed-upon guides, boundaries, standards of behavior between people; helping to prevent conflict and quickly resolve it when it occurs.

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What are things to know about Keith Branson?

I have come to relax a lot more in the changing seasons of life by realizing that life is a series of constant transitions.  It is not static and constant, rather it is dynamic, changing, fresh, new-every-morning. That can be unsettling or invigorating, mostly depending on your attitude and preparation to anticipate what might happen next.

enjoy conflict!  Not the destructive kind of conflict but the friction, contact and pressure that keeps people growing and moving along in healthy ways.

Conflict (Con=withflict=in the struggle of transformation)  A literal translation of conflict is; how we struggle through our transformations together“.

What makes you unique?

Keith creating dialogue for understanding and decision-making.

Well, that would depend on who you ask!

Most would agree that:

  • I can be an encourager and a motivator. Sometimes you need just one of these; sometimes both at once!
  • I am able to bring calm to a tense situation; put people at ease.
  • I help people find a path to go down together; agreeably.
  • I am trustworthy with confidential information. I have strict confidentiality rules for me and others I work with; not only to prevent gossip, but to establish and keep trust.  Also, mediation conversations cannot be subpoenaed for court testimony.
  • I am mobile, willing to come to you and your situation.

What descriptions do you want most to be known as?

Follower of Christ, Friend, Husband, Dad, Son and Uncle.

Tell us more about you.

Confidential, listener, coach, facilitator, mediator, trainer, consultant and safe place to be yourself; who you really are. I enjoying working with people who need help getting unstuck to move forward. Whether its crisis intervention, education, coaching, training, and/or process design I can work with individuals or groups to make things better, even satisfying.

What is most important for you to remember in coaching and conflict resolution?

First, I remind myself that it is not about me! It is so important that I stay present in the moments with each person and conversation to understand and discover their underlying interests and needs below the surface issues.

Second, I must treat myself and those near me, “at my elbows”, with kindness and understanding. It is a mistake for people to want to go out and “save the world”  and not have the ability to care about people close to them.

Feedback — Here are what some are saying about working with Keith

Let's move forward!

Let’s move forward!

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