I am a Tow Truck Driver…for people

Helping people get moving again!

Helping people get moving again!

I am a Tow Truck Driver…for people.  I help them get moving again.

The image is a good one to illustrate what I do with people. Someone is stuck, or they have broken down for some reason. Most of the time such an interruption in the day is not only  unwelcome or unexpected, it is very troubling!

So what do they do?  Most of the time they call for help.  They seek someone who can provide an immediate short-term solution to their predicament.

That is what I do.  If I get a call for help, directly or a referral, I respond immediately. I help get the person onto solid ground, in a safe place and then do a quick assessment with them of what is wrong.  Something minor that can be repaired right then or is there something much more serious that needs additional help.  Whatever I can’t help them with, then I will assist them to get to the right place for the help needed.

Do you need a tow from a stuck or stalled place in your life?  Can you think of someone who would “like a tow?”.  Have them contact me.  They can reach me by my name, keithbranson.com or if it helps to remember, tell them to go to likeatow.com and they will find me and probably the “jump-start” they need.