Abortion and Men

The mission:  Support for men who choose to deal with abortion.

Have you ever known someone who has the pain, guilt, or shame of abortion?

It doesn’t only affect women!

I have been there; I am the father of five, but two of them were aborted.

I know the numbness in the moment of decision, the shock of being told after it was done, and the pain of the aftermath.

I have experienced what many men have in the post-abortion days and years that follow: denial, irritability, negativity, regret, remorse, guilt, loss, anger, criticism, escaping into drugs, alcohol and even ministry activities to try to manage painful feelings of sadness.

I found I could deeply repress most of these areas of loss and pain. Facing these feelings created a sense of weakness and vulnerability. Sound familiar?

There is hope to get past the hurt.

You may be a man…..or know a man……touched by abortion.

You are not alone!

It is time to get help. Get Started Now!

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