Ministering to the Ministers

People who serve others in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are under siege.  They know that but you may not. Their burdens are usually only partially shared because if others knew what they thought, felt, and believed at times it would bring severe consequences on them.

I  bring my background in pastoral ministry, conflict resolution, marriage enrichment and coaching to directly help ministers and ministry leaders. I work diligently to serve the leaders in our faith who also need times of ministry for themselves.

The stories of personal struggle and leadership failure within the Christian church continue to make the news headlines. With each story there comes another layer of hurt, cynicism, distrust from both the betrayed and the betrayers. Gossip flourishes and the scandals unfold. Critics point at the hypocrisy. Believers lose their faith.

You probably know someone who is currently in ministry leadership, OR who has left the ministry that would benefit from the following:

  • Someone to be Proactive; seeking out ministry leaders who are isolated in their situation and feel they don’t have anyone to come alongside them — Pastors, Associate Pastors, and other leaders within the church and those who are engaged in public ministry such as Christian music artists and speakers.
  • Someone to be Connected; meeting privately, to establish a safe, confidential relationship to help individually; or where beneficial, form small groups among ministry leaders that would provide mutual support, encouragement, and accountability.
  • Someone to be Available; readily accessible to respond and to be present for their personal and professional ministry needs.

Please share this information with others, for someone they know to get immediate help, to establish preventative care, or to have a reference to send someone in the future.

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