What is Life Transition and Conflict Coaching?

Let’s start with Coaching. Coaching has been associated with sports leadership for many years.

Life Coaching  is usually categorized as “personal coaching” or “corporate/executive coaching”. In both focuses, Life Coaching assists people to identify specific goals and then reach those goals faster and with ease. It also provides the client with the tools, perspective and structure to accomplish more through a process of accountability and encouragement. Clarity, focus, and direction for the individual, team or group involved are the results from having a Life Coach.

Life Transition. We experience many endings and many beginnings over our lifetime. Transitions are necessary, sometimes predictable, sometimes not. There are natural transitions, some that are a reaction to unexpected occurrences, and those that happen by our deliberate choice. With each change we must let go of the past, while carrying what we have learned from it with us. Our familiar ways of thinking or acting are challenged. Comfortable structures, process and habits which have supported us may give way to new ways of seeing, thinking, believing and acting bringing a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty to us. Transitions may be smooth, gradual flow or they may be sudden times of disruption that force us to face our limits and abilities to adapt.

Life Transition Coaching provides the client an opportunity to learn about themselves and re-evaluate where we are in the present and what they want for the future, and then move forward toward it.

Conflict. It is inevitable that we will experience conflict in some way every day!

Life Conflict Coaching contains a discovery process to help find the root cause of the conflict in your relationships and how to change the patterns of conflict response, prevention and resolution with family, work, church, neighborhood and more.

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